Innovative analytical agency based on artificial intelligence

What is TFH AI Ratings?

TFH AI Ratings is an analytical agency based on AI. It is built on a basis of international consulting group TFH. We are creating the Platform that can assess investment prospects and market crash risk of any public company which will use thousands of different criteria chosen by AI.
At the first stage TFH AI Ratings provide information, analytical and consulting services in start-up area. We have created a system of impersonal online rating of ICO-projects, latest news aggregator, smart contracts template engine, forum and ICO calendar.

Our advantages

Analytical findings based on gathered statistics
Automatic data collection using hundreds of criteria
Automatic assessment based on specifically weighted criteria in terms of time and statistical significance
Public online rating for all public companies and start-ups
Self-learning rating system based on AI
Elaboration of specific templates and criteria groups for each industry that will specify failure and growth probabilities of any start-up project or public company
Our objective is to help investors get mathematically accurate, relevant and impersonal information built on public financial and non-financial data. It will allow investors to rely on objective assessment of public companies without negative influence of subjective human factor.

Business analytics and Big Data markets

Revenues from Big Data and business analytics, worldwide
According to growth prospects, investing in Big Data business is a sound investment that will surely pay off.
Statistics and forecasts reflect market needs for objective information in the business analytics market
Our mission: To enhance quality standards, international financial transparency and investor awareness by implementing AI technology into finance sector.

The innovations of TFH AI Ratings are…

Latest technologies
TFH AI Ratings uses advanced technologies and research methods. These include artificial intelligence and in-depth data analysis.
Machine learning
Regression and classification based on the experience of manual analysis of large data sets about the ICO-projects and the entry of products into the market
Cognitive computing
Clustering and searching for hidden data patterns, abstract correlations and automatic rating
Artificial intelligence
The work of neural networks, the ability to make judgments, self-analysis, reliable forecasting of the future conjuncture of financial markets

How does TFH AI Ratings work?

Automatic data collection (parsing)
Data processing and analyzing. Ratings preparation based on statistical data
Self-learning system of mathematical patterns selection using AI and rating updates
Competition between analysts and AI system (AI training)
Smart tool – platform interface (June 2018)
  • Past, active and upcoming ICO calendar
  • Trading history and stock exchange quotations
  • Latest news aggregator

TFH AI Ratings cash flow

The rating itself is provided free of charge. Other services do require payment:
Transcription of rating position and recommendations on how to improve it
Analytical and marketing researches based on Big Data analysi
Analytical reviews on different markets development issues
Development and implementation of training activities


Q1 2018
  • Project launch decision
  • Benefit Daily social media channel creation
  • Software complex development, platform for analysts
Q2 2018
  • Expansion of software development department
  • Development of automatic data collection system (parsing)
  • Building an analytical team who will train AI and compete with it
Q3 2018
  • Completion of profound TOR development for AI system. AI development start
  • Announcement of AI development roadmap
  • Launch of the platform for analysts, its enhancement
  • Blockchain infrastructure development, design and integration within decentralized platform for public ratings design. Each member will have his own network node in TFH AI Ratings. This node will let users send their score of a particular project. Voting results will be hashed and sent to TFH AI Ratings blockchain. This way, TFH AI Ratings will create a self-regulating project assessment and risk management system
Q4 2018
  • Design and development of TFH AI Ratings supplementary products, such as:
  • Platform for safe and easy ICO, pre-ICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. This platform will have a smart contracts template engine and will provide big projects with all the services needed for complete ICO performing within the platform
  • ICO gateway for direct investing in any ICO straight from investor’s personal profile
  • Paid core rating conduction for unpopular ICO
Q1 2019
  • Enhancing the platform’s functionality
  • Attracting customers to the platform
  • Developing a Data mining system to collect data from world stock markets
Q2 2019
  • Technical specification for AI-based rating system for public companies
  • Development and deployment of the data model
Q3 2019
  • System training and algorithm testing
  • Functionality extension and expanding the list of objects for analysis
Q4 2019
  • First release of the AI-based system for public companies
  • Model improvement


photo Maxim Pervunin
Ideologist of the project
Maxim Pervunin
Ideologist of the project
Managing partner of TFH Russia, a lawyer
Expert in international financial, tax and corporate structuring. Co-owner of the international consulting company TFH. His analytical studies on the problems of financial, tax and corporate security companies, attracted the attention of a wide academic audience, the press and the business community.
photo Stanislav Buzala
The Expert Council for AI
Stanislav Buzala
The Expert Council for AI
Expert in managing IT companies, as well as in business development, implementation and integration of a complex business-decisions for large international organizations and government agencies. Worked on leading positions in HP, ASSECO. Author of a master’s work on Artificial Intelligence.
photo Elena Maximova
IR department
Elena Maximova
IR department
Asset management expert, interaction with investors and partners. Certified expert. More than 12 years of experience in Private Banking and Investment spheres on leading positions. Worked in Citi, BCS, Trust Invest.
photo Alexander Krysin
Project Manager
Alexander Krysin
Project Manager
More than 20 years of experience as a Senior Executive in the banking and insurance industry. He has worked at Zenit Bank and insurance companies such as Soglasie and RESO-Guarantee, etc. He was a member of the Supreme Economic Council of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Expert in structuring projects as well as attracting and managing assets. Experience in managing a team of more than 400 people.
photo Alexander Mikhailov
AI learning and development department
Alexander Mikhailov
AI learning and development department
Expert in managing software development. Participated in the development of more than 20 web projects, blockchain and software projects, machine-learning projects and AI. Experience in the comprehensive implementation of IT projects on a turnkey basis. Development and commercializing of analytical system based on machine learning.
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